What is a Tester?

Occasionally you will see a product description containing the word TESTER. Testers are typically sold to department stores for display and demonstration purposes and left on countertops for customers to sample. The only difference between testers and commercially packaged fragrances is that testers usually come in a white box and sometimes have no cap. Otherwise, they are the same! Testers are a great value and can save you quite a substantial amount of money. All testers sold on have never been used and are brand new.

If you are purchasing a gift please keep in mind that testers either come in a white plain box or are unboxed, some with caps and some with no cap.

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Glossary of Common Terms

Perfume or Parfum:
These two words mean the same thing and refer to the most highly concentrated form of fragrance. As opposed to Eau de Toilette or Cologne, Perfume has a higher concentration of essential oils and less alcohol, therefore, causing the fragrance to last longer.

Eau de Toilette (EDT):
A fragrance that is more concentrated than cologne (COL) but not as concentrated as Perfume or Parfum. EDT is the most popular concentration of fragrance.

Cologne (COL):
Classically, this term is used to describe a fragrance that contains a citrus blend and usually refers to a light, cool, crisp scent.

Cologne (COL) for Women:
A lighter form of fragrance than EDT or Perfume.

Cologne (COL) for Men:
More concentrated than a women's cologne, similar in concentration to an Eau de Toilette (EDT).

Eau de Cologne (EDC):
Same as Cologne (COL). Literally means water of cologne. Its original purpose was to use as an after bath splash providing the skin with a cool, clean scent.

After Shave (AS or A/S):
Lighter than cologne for men. Usually intended to cool and soothe the skin after shaving.

After Shave Balm:
An emulsion-type lotion used to provide scented moisture to freshly shaven skin.

Spray (SPY):
Indicates that a fragrance is in the spray form as opposed to the splash-on or pour-on form. If the is no SPY or SPRAY indication in the item description than the fragrance is a splash-on.

Various Concentrations:
When a fragrance is available in more than one concentration such as an EDT and a Perfume, both forms will smell the same. The only difference is in the concentration and lasting power of the scent.

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Convert ml to oz

To convert milliliters (ml) or grams (g) to ounces (oz) use the calculator below:

Enter: ml/g = oz
  oz = ml/g

* The calculations above represent an approximation.

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